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New Germany ABC Cello Violoncello 4/4 - 1/4 Arm Bow Corrector White

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The ABC arm bow corrector is the newest small tool to help you improve your bowing skill on any stringed instrument. Developed and patented by Prof. Christoph Henkel in Germany, this little gadget is a must-have for violin, viola, and cello players all around the world. There has been quite an extensive list of renowned violinists recommending this device such as Shinichi Suzuki himself who was a respected Japanese violin teacher who insisted on his students using only traditional techniques with no electronic products involved or Ivan Galamian another famous Russian String Quartet composer, but there are many other people that swear by this product's effectiveness too! The ABC arm bow corrector can keep you tuned up and playing brilliantly without having to fuss

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arm bow corrector
The arm bow corrector (short abc) is a unique little tool to improve bowing skills on string-instruments. It was developed and patented by Prof. Christoph Henkel from Germany.
The abc is recommended by Shinichi Suzuki and Ivan Galamian.
Beginners learn the right arm movements for a straight bow stroke fast.
Your movements become apparent and are unconsciously corrected.
A continuous control of the bowing angle is made possible. Also for the more advanced.

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